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Making the most of your balcony

By Rebecca Zhang

Balconies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are large enough to fit a table and some chairs, whilst others don’t have much space.

Here are a few tips to motivate you to change your balcony for the better.

Going green

If you have a very large balcony, then you can transform it into a beautiful garden. Even if your balcony is very small, there are still a lot of creative things you can do. You can purchase small pots and plant fragrant flowers  in them to enjoy the beautiful smell.

Entertainment hub

If you have a large balcony, then you can turn it into a nice place to entertain guests. You can add a small table, some chairs, candles and flowers. This will create an atmosphere for fun and entertainment for you and your guests to enjoy.

Even if you have a smaller balcony, you can invest in a table and some chairs that fold up in order to fit the space.

Me time

The balcony can be the perfect space to have a little “me time”. It can be the best spot to escape to from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Grab a good book or set up a yoga mat to enjoy and relax!

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