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How to get affordable air conditioning

By Rebecca Zhang

This summer, you can beat the heat with affordable air conditioning.

There are many different types of air conditioners on the market so it might be difficult to find one to suit your home. Here are some examples:

1. Portable Systems

This type does not require installation as it can be plugged into a powerpoint and moved from one room to another.

2. Wall/window systems

This type fits into the top or bottom of a window or wall.

3. Split systems, Central/ducted systems, Ducted systems

Split system air conditioner is “split” into two components. The working unit (compressor) is fitted on the outside of the house (minimising noise) while the output device is placed inside – either in the wall, ceiling or on the floor.

Central/ducted systems are effective for cooling an entire house, air is piped down ducts and through vents in the ceiling or floor.

Ducted systems are units are capable of cooling and heating, so you save money on a heater.

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