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Auction Results for NSW

By Rebecca Zhang

Looking to buy, sell or invest, or just want to know what your home is potentially worth? Check out this weekend’s auction results to see how the property market performed.

Auctions results are a great way to gauge what the market is doing, particularly on a micro level for each suburb.

Understanding auction results is essential when you’re researching your first, or next purchase.

So how do you find out what happened at auctions across the country this weekend? has an Auction Results Page for NSW, which gives you suburb-by-suburb details on all the weekend’s auctions.

Get an overview of clearance rates, the total number of auctions per state, the number of properties sold prior to auction, at auction and after auction, and which properties were passed in.

You can find out what that house around the corner sold for, or what prices homes in a suburb you’re interested in are fetching.

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