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Feng Zhang(Jody)

Head of Property Management

Since 2008, Jody's journey in Australia has been marked by over 14 years of dedicated customer service and a decade of hands-on property management experience. Fluent in both Chinese and English, he has honed a comprehensive understanding of property management laws and regulations, allowing him to adeptly navigate the legal landscape.

In negotiations, Jody excels at securing optimal outcomes for landlords, maximizing their rights within the bounds of the law. Simultaneously, he prioritizes tenant satisfaction, ensuring they feel genuinely cared for throughout their leasing experience. Overseeing the management of a diverse portfolio comprising thousands of properties, Jody's expertise extends across various regions of Sydney, with a particular emphasis on the intricate dynamics of the Inner West area. This extensive experience has granted him a profound insight into the local property market, enabling him to provide informed and strategic guidance to clients.