Xuefei Shi史雪菲 (Mona)

PA to Principals

The role of a Personal Assistant requires exceptional organisational skills, inutition and a knack for time management - all of the skills which Mona Shi possesses. Being able to speak both Mandarin and Cantonese is also a trait that Mona uses to her advantage as she works in the multicultural suburb of Lidcombe. 

Mona began her journey in real estate in 2012 at Ray White Rural Head Office. Graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and International Business from University of Sydney (USYD), Mona enjoys meeting new people and is keen to expand her knowledge of the industry. She is dedicated to excellent service and has outstanding organisational abilities in her role as a PA.

As PA to Principal and Licensee in Charge, Mona plays a vital support role and is instrumental in the smooth running of the office. Mona always ensures that every step she takes is in the best interest of Ray White Lidcombe, its clients and customers.